Free Trade. Free for who?

Free Trade – Make it fair, tax goods from those who tax ours!

Imports and Exports – Why is it free to bring anything into the US but cost a fortune for others to import goods from the US?

Until I got involved in online retail in 2002, I had no idea how badly (in my opinion) this country is shooting itself in the foot (and face for that matter). Some seroius pressure needs to be put on politicians to change this or someone needs to explain it because I simply don’t get it.

Here is the example:

If I purchase something from a person in Great Britain (UK) for $100 and pay $25 in shipping to get it here, it costs me $125 when all is said and done.

If that same person in the UK buys something from me for $100 and pays $25 in shipping to get it him, he gets slapped with a huge import tax depending on the type of goods and their classification. Some customers are paying upwards of 175% on these goods coming in.

No wonder we import so much crap and export so little. Why would someone send the US a car for $30,000 and get paid $30,000 so they can pay up to $60,000 for the $30k US car we send them??

Good idea, those foreigners won’t figure it out!

If someone can explain it better for me, please comment as this lack of logic is crazy and hopefully there is a misunderstanding on my part. I’m ok w/ being wrong here, in fact I would prefer it if I was.