Today's Labor Unions – one piece of a spoiled pie.

Who thinks that today’s Labor Unions are necessary and beneficial to this country?

The US economy is a mess today, but even with all of the changes taking place and being made, the root causes are still in existence and spoiling the delicious Apple Pie that all home grown Americans take for granted.

I’m no historian, politician or labor expert, this is merely my opinion. Comments are welcome, especially if you have reason (legitimate selfless reasons) why anyone should feel otherwise. This is less about complaining and more about asking someone to please clarify this for me and anyone else bothered by Labor Unions.

In my humble opinion…

Labor unions have been around since the dark ages and from time to time have actually served a valid purpose, but how many employers in the US could actually get away with paying next to nothing for slave labor? The idea of unionized labor isn’t all bad, but I truly feel that combined with some of the other spoiled pieces of pie I’ve written about, today’s unions are making America weak and threatening (not helping) the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people.

Why is it that labor union members are entitled to $70,000 a year for pushing a button or pulling a lever?

How is it ok with the general public that a union member, laid off because of financial strain to the employer could possibly be entitled to years of compensation (without doing any work) at a large percentage of what they were previously making?

What a joke that the government is willing to bail out car makers, force them into bankruptcy, allow for large scale layoffs, dealers closings and perhaps the total collapse of consolidation of certain brands.

What a joke that the CEOs of these auto giants can’t seem to figure out a basic plan to get their company back on track and making the country proud. Cut your pay, give back money clearly not earned to help preserve jobs and right the ship and most importantly, find a way to right size the labor unions or find a way to get rid of them altogether.  I have to imagine (though I don’t have the facts here) that if unemployed people were not compensated by the employers any more than their last day and if the hourly rates for unskilled button pushing were more in line with minimum wage. When the executives took compensation based on what they contributed and earned not what they felt entitled to and the labor unions recognized how good they would look if they tried hard to preserve jobs and the very companies that fund them, that billions would be saved, no bailout would be necessary and a whole lot of other positive changes would also result.

Come on people, the problem is not nearly any worse than we make it, stop allowing greedy and un-entitled people to force this country into the dumpster. Stop supporting the unions or pretending they are not the problem or at least one of the connected problems.

While I have always thought that labor unions were a thorn in America’s side, the recent rumblings that Obama might change the rules to permit even more labor unions to pop up without employer knowledge and force employers to begin bargaining immediately is crazy. How is that going to help anything? As a CEO myself, if the employees are that unhappy that they need to form a union then I suck as an employer and they should walk out the front door and get a job they are happy with.