Seeking the right business person – maybe you?

I’m looking for a VP of Business Development to grow a profitable business unit into a million dollar business division of VoIP Supply, LLC.

Ricky Bobby

If you’ve read any of my stuff, then you know I’m always looking to find/grow intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. I’ve also written about some personal experiences of taking on too much or not delegating often enough. Well here is an opportunity to address both of these and I’m certain that I will find the right person for the job, through this medium or another. It’s not an ‘if’ as much as a ‘when’, so if you think you have what it takes or know someone that might fit the bill, please send the information my way.

Below is a little bit of information about the business unit, the mission, its objectives and the competencies required to be successful. The right person doesn’t just exhibit some of these competencies, they demonstrate all of them, are known for having them and have used them to produce a track record that speaks to their talents. These sorts of opportunities don’t pop up very often in my opinion, certainly not in the shallow tech pool of Buffalo NY.

The key is in the ignition, the engine is running and I need the right driver to stomp on the gas. What was Ricky Bobby’s answer to the question, “Who wants to go fast?”

VP of Business Development: Seeking an experienced professional to build and grow an existing and profitable prototype into a highly profitable, million dollar division of VoIP Supply, LLC. We have proven the ability to generate sufficient volume of product and exceptional demand from global customers since November 2010. The growth of this unit requires dedicated leadership and a small team telephone based associates; with such, our mission is easily attainable.

Mission: Grow an existing, profitable business prototype into a million dollar enterprise that generates a consistent flow of high margin revenue.


  • Grow business to a minimum of 25 units/day.
    • Hire, train and manage enough team members to complete this mission (1-3)
  • Ensure 100% of the products generated are sold for their maximum value to 3-5 customers.
    • Manage customer relationships
    • Solicit additional customers to join the program
  • Attain mission success within budget and time-frames set


  • Efficiency: Able to effectively produce without significant waste
  • Integrity: Abides by company core values, conducts business ethically, builds trust, does what is right, honestly
  • Organization: Focus, plan, schedule and budget based on key priorities
  • Aggressive/Assertive: Moves quickly and does what is necessary to complete objectives and meet deadlines independently
  • Intelligence: Learns quickly and applies knowledge to existing and future tasks
  • Persistence: Demonstrates the required drive and dedication to complete the mission
  • Proactive: Acts independently without being told what to do
  • Ability to hire ‘A’ players: Understands and sources only ‘A’ players for their team, using best practices and our core values as guides
  • Enthusiasm: Leads by example exuding passion, excitement and a positive attitude about the mission and results
  • Work ethic: Works hard consistently and sometimes for long hours; has a track record of hard work
  • High standards: Expects performance and results of self and team to be nothing short of the best

Sounds pretty easy, right?

Send me your resume or pass this along to thoseĀ  you know that can take on a challenge and exceed expectations in the business world.

Prove Yourself !!

Prove yourself worthy of this challenge: This is a big opportunity and a chance to not only prove yourself, but also to start a career path within our holding company and all that it will be involved in over time. The interview process won’t start without some knowledge above and beyond what is listed on a resume. Please, if you think you can do it, answer these questions and produce the deliverables as requested (email me). The product in this case is information about a business or individual. The customers are existing businesses that purchase this information on a daily basis, typically as much of it as possible.

  • Build and explain the financial model (spreadsheet and narrative) to support your plan, including costs, revenue and profits, people and operating expenses/components
    • Average product value = $40
    • Each product can be sold to 3-5 customers, no more than 5
    • Your budget will be roughly 20% of the gross revenue and must cover all expenses including your payroll, benefits, etc.
    • Each associate can generate between 5-15 products per day
  • Once up and running, your box consists of you and a small team calling people to generate the product.
    • Will you find additional sources to generate products and thereby prove your proactive ability to exceed the goals of the mission?
      • If so, how and why?
  • What are your core values and how do they impact your life?
    • What does your life look like five years from now?
  • What makes you qualified to be given this opportunity?
    • What have you done to validate this qualification?
    • Did you create the plans and manage them or did you execute an existing plan?