Overlooked by more than 99% of companies

Training your trade show exhibition team

Overlooked by more than 99% of companies is the proper selection and training of the people working in the trade show booth.

Having been to and/or exhibited at hundreds of trade shows and conferences, I am writing from experience and even some embarrassment from my own company’s flawed execution.

Companies spend thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to exhibit at an industry trade show, yet less than 1% of them select the right people to go, for the right reasons, and the people that are going don’t receive any training on how to engage strangers (leads) walking by the booth in droves.

Your top sales reps may be great on the phone, but don’t have the skills to capture and qualify leads in person at the pace of a trade show.

Your top executives may know the company inside and out, but they have too much going on to be effective and focused in the booth.

Your engineer may have read every line of code in your application, but he hasn’t left his basement in years and doesn’t want to talk to strangers at all.

Think about it. Are there any other sales and marketing activities that you spend thousands of dollars on where you can’t determine if the investment was worth it and the people spending your money are not trained on how to do their job?

Successful execution at a trade show is a skill, one to be trained on and practiced well in advance of each event, and with careful forethought into who is working the booth and why.

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