Amerigance, 9/11 and a Bucket of Sand

While avoiding the news and social media today, I thought I’d fill the time with sharing my opinion on this day of remembrance. It’s not always well received and that’s ok. I am by no means alone here and am basing it on research, facts, common sense and ignoring the mainstream media.

First let me say that it was a tragic day with the loss of many lives and for those families I am deeply sorry. For those that made it out alive but are scarred for life, I am sorry for you as well. I do not discount their loss or the loss of the many military personnel that did what they were told and fought for the causes created and justified by 9/11.

My problem is with the government of this country, their arrogance globally, and with the sheeple that believe all that they hear and see on the magic box in their living rooms while ignoring the obvious, without asking any questions or demanding answers to those questions that have been asked and avoided.

Pull you head (or theirs) out of the sand long enough to ask and answer a few questions, please.

  • Where is the wreckage from the plane taken down in PA? Not a single suitcase, wing, engine, seat, person, nothing?
  • Where is the wreckage or even the airplane wing damage from the Pentagon? The whole in the wall was a circle, not a wing clipped off or visible at the scene.
  • In all of Washington DC, known for its intersection cameras, nothing saw a jetliner flying 10 feet off the ground?
  • With multiple military bases surrounding NYC and DC, why didn’t they send up a single jet fighter to intercept the highjacked planes?
  • Why did WTC Tower 7 fall in demolition style free-fall when no plane hit it and it didn’t have any structural damage?
  • Why was thermite found in the rubble of the twin towers? Thermite is used by demolition crews to bring down buildings.
  • Since when does jet fuel fire get hot enough to melt the giant support beams of a skyscraper? Steel melts at 1500 celsius, jet fuel burns at 1000 celsius. Thermite burns at > 2500 celsius.
  • Both towers fell like pancaked, professional demolition projects, straight down, without the slightest lateral movement. Seeing in this video, the ground level of the towers was already destroyed before they fell.

The industrial war machine needed a motive and needed the support of the people to justify a foreign war, a war centered on resource hoarding and imperialistic expansion. Sickening really.

Sadly it hasn’t stopped and the “war on terror” continues to drive corporate profits while killing our own soldiers and millions of innocents around the world.

Meanwhile, most people sit back and let it happen, no questions asked as their time is filled with reality TV, social media, mainstream news and their carousel jobs that are required to service their debt. Today is a day to mourn those lost and a day to wake up and demand answers to obvious questions, to call out those leading this country and hold them accountable for their actions.

When shoeboxes fly

This morning I awoke with a vision of a floating box, self-guided and powered by a micro-propulsion engine. Weird for sure, but it was worth writing down and exploring.

The end result…

EVERYTHING changes when this box shows its face!

The world will change forever and can happen anytime, when this micro propulsion system is finally unveiled.

When someone and their big brain combines magnetism, steam, electricity and solar power to create a tiny power plant capable of making a shoebox (or any sized container for that matter) float and move.

When this shoebox is given its own brain that can use cellular technology, gps, sonar and other guidance systems.

Envision boxes, cartons, barges and containers of anything and everything, traveling the world with complete self-sufficiency, no chance of contact with other vessels and ultimate free delivery to any cross-point of latitude and longitude on the globe.

It ALL changes!

For sure it could be done today. Though I am no physicist or engineer, I’ve no doubt that it is possible if not already completed. What changes then? A few examples…

  • Global delivery companies go away (Fedex, UPS, etc)
  • Entire industries are no longer needed (Trucking, Rail, Shipping)
  • The need for oil is forever gone and thus the wars over oil are moot
  • Automotive and airline manufacturing ceases
  • All of the tax revenue generated by these industries is gone, further crippling governments and economies
  • All of the jobs lost cause global panic plus the lost income tax revenue
  • Economies, cultures and civilization as we know it implodes

But it’s the right thing to do for the world!!

The negative impact is mostly financial in nature and therefore the realization of this depends on a solution to offset the financial loss. Clearly there would be pain, suffering, loss and even death as a result of the financial impact, however… Some of the POSITIVE gains…

  • Elimination of engine emissions from cars, trucks, ships, buses, trains and airplanes
  • Ability to reach and deliver food, medicine, supplies, etc. to anyone in the world at any location
  • Mindset shift to focus on improving rather than maintaining dependence
  • Comprehension of LESS being more sustainable than MORE and really not that bad anyway

How do we as a global community then live? What happens to the millions now unemployed around the world, many of whom do not know how to do anything else. How can the government continue with limited tax revenue coming in and more dependents to care for?

It’s all very Darwinian even with respect to the current culture and government in developed counties where consumption and increased demand has been a driving force. When (not if) countries and governments have millions less jobs, major industries wiped out, significantly less tax revenue, free and renewable energy, free global delivery reach and no future need for oil it becomes a survival of the fittest era.

Sitting in Europe, surrounded by medieval castles, history and experiences makes me think that such a chaotic event would force a reverse into a similar mindset.

This IS going to happen and isn’t a WHAT IF, it is only a matter of time. When that first shoebox floats, where will you be, what will you be capable of and how prepared will you be? The long term end result is a possible saving grace for mankind, the short-term affects are astounding and painful. We were fortunate enough to have been given a glimpse of this in 2008/2009, yet the result wasn’t sufficient due to weak hands up top, we are seeing the continuation of that now.

What’s so good about convenience?

Suburban America in a word: Convenient

Warning: This is likely to come off as a rant.

I recently returned from a trip over the ocean to visit Ireland, one place I’ve always wanted to see. I’ve been to plenty of places in the western world, but this was my first trip to Europe. While I went on the trip to see the beautiful countryside and experience the culture, I also observed and absorbed some of the vast differences between the societies. While there I caught a few minutes of an interview with an Irishman who was currently in the US exploring and documenting the experience. His summation was the same in that he suggested getting out of the city and into the country where the real beauty and unique culture is found. His one word summary was dead on, the US is Convenient. Why?

Not being a huge fan of the pace in North American societies today, not a user of fast food, not a devout TV watcher (especially not the news) yet still a fan of sitting around a fireplace doing next to nothing in the evenings or on a weekend, this country (Ireland) was right up my alley. I realize I’m probably in the minority here, but I sure wish people in my neck of the woods would get down to earth more, away from the media, ignore McDonald’s and take some time to enjoy what’s around you without all the rush and all the noise. What’s the rush anyway?

In effort to keep this post short and being a fan of bullet-ed lists, here are some of the subtle yet significant differences experienced abroad that reminded me of better days and better ways.

  • Few Conveniences:In six days and about a dozen of the larger towns in Ireland, I counted three (3) fast food joints. Two McDonald’s and one old-school Wimpy’s. When I was hungry I had little choice but to stop what I was doing and sit down for a meal. It might take 30-60 minutes to eat, drink and pay the check, but it was relaxing, enjoyable and a lot better for me physically and mentally. I could have hit a drive-thru and kept moving on to the next sights, but the restaurant was a sight to see as well.
  • Preservation over Convenience: If you’ve ever driven the roads over there, preservation of historical landmarks, borders (walls) and overall beauty of the landscape obviously comes first over the convenience of a wide road with paved shoulders, rumple strips and guardrails for those sleeping at the wheel. Being forced to slow down and enjoy the scenery or hit a stone wall wasn’t bad.
  • The upside of Less:While the food wasn’t exactly low-calorie by any means, the number of extra large (obese) humans was noticeably less than can found all across this great country.  It’s ok to push back from the table. Does anyone really need a 64 oz. coke with their triple decker burger?

It seems interesting to me that with all of these conveniences (corner stores, fast food, drive thrus and service companies) available to us, most seem to be rushed and complain about not having enough time in the day to get things done. How did our parents do it, they seemed to have time left over?
As interesting and somewhat related is the economic conditions here at a consumer level. High debt, low or no income yet still eating fast food, shopping on the fly and blaming someone else.

What’s the point Sayers? While quite likely nothing more than a rant falling on deaf ears, what are we all doing here? Slow down and enjoy before it disappears. Please.

Hmm, Lying (or dementia) vs. Torture – Which is worse?

Ok, I’ve heard enough, how about you? Is it even worth the time and effort to speak trying to stir up drama and controversy with this whole Nancy Pelosi vs. CIA issue? Is it worth my time typing this post? Probably not. I’m Canadian and can’t vote, don’t care for or dislike Nancy Pelosi and this has nothing to do with politics. Just the media. Find something worth talking about or go back to 30 minutes a day, please.

Here is my rant – keep reading though, there are much more important topics to follow…

I find it astonishing that there are people in this world who truly think that outing Pelosi for either lying or simply not having the capacity to remember all things spoken to her is more important than the topic at hand. The US has been torturing people, makes no bones about it yet feels justified in condemning the UAE for their use of torture, stating that they “cannot trust those who employ torturous methods”.  Here in this great country, those same people would prefer to spend time cranking up the media engine to turn your attention to a lie rather than the real crime of torturing people. Apparently we shouldn’t trust ourselves either.

She lied, fine, kick her from her post, just make sure you do it after you get rid of those who were involved in torturing people and lying about that. It’s all about priorities.

My preference would be to hear positive news daily instead of the crap that is on all day everyday. In lieu of that, can we please focus and prioritize the topics based on actual relevance and severity?

Lying is bad, torturing is worse. It is truly that simple.

If you’ve got a comment that is in disagreement with that, please post it and make sure to include your name so I can put it on the “special” list.

More important topics (inho):

  • Habitat for Humanity: Habitat has built more than 300,000 houses around the world, providing more than 1.5 million people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter.
  • Camp Good Days and Special Times: This past summer, over 1500 children, including children with cancer from several foreign countries, participated and experienced the magic of Camp Good Days firsthand at our own beautiful Recreational Facility, located on the shores of Keuka Lake.
  • Buffalo City Mission: Buffalo City Mission offers long-term recovery programs, counseling, work and life-skills training, education assistance and health-care services for homeless men, women and families committed to turning their lives around. We offer outreach programs to prevent homelessness for individuals and families in the low-income community.
  • Durham Cares: Founded by two friends of mine, Henry and David. DurhamCares was founded to help Durham residents love their neighbors; not just the people next door, but across town and even across the world. Our vision is to see our city engaged in serving each other, building relationships across cultural boundaries, and transforming our community through committed involvement.