Business Process and Procedure Documentation

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One of the most important things you can do for your business, and your peace of mind.

Do you have current documentation of your company’s processes and procedures, all of them updated within the past 3-6 months? If so, you are working for a very well-run business. If not, please read on and make your company run better than it ever has before.

This is being written from the experiences during my 15 years as the founder and CEO of VoIP Supply, one of the oldest and largest reseller of voice-over-ip hardware and complete solutions. There were a couple of times when I could answer “yes” to the question above and then there was the majority of the time when the answer was consistently “no”.

Since this is a blog post, I’ll keep it to a bulleted list of why you should take the time to document 100% of your company’s processes and procedures across all departments and individuals.

  • It makes training new people a whole lot easier and takes up a lot less of other people’s valuable time.
  • It provides easy cross training for coverage of another team member’s responsibilities.
  • It removes any concern about not knowing how to get something done should an employee unexpectedly become unavailable.
  • It provides a way for existing employees to build a career path within the company by learning new skills and being able to move laterally within a company instead of having to wait to move up the ladder.
  • It reduces errors and allows for others to check the work for accuracy and completeness.
  • It makes your company more valuable to a potential acquirer or merger.
  • It prevents hoarding of knowledge for one’s personal objective of job security.
  • By regularly reviewing and revising, it allows each process to be as efficient as possible by removing, automating or combining steps/processes when business changes or new tools become available.
  • The provide a sense of comfort for the owner(s) and leadership team that the business can survive difficult financial times when a reduction of staff if unfortunately required.
  • There are plenty of additional reasons to do this, and they apply to all companies.

We completed this process at VoIP Supply in 2008/2009 when we were forced to lay off more than 50% of our workforce and still be able to survive and pull ourselves out of the recession. It was an amazing learning experience, a solid team building process, and the end results made our business far more efficient at both operating and training. As a result of this program, when the economy came back to life, we were able to return to our level of productivity from before the recession with the same reduced number of personnel.

If you want to learn more or would like assistance with this in your company, please reach out and connect, I would be delighted to help you and your team.

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