No cure from the wicked

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Reposting today… More than 2 years since the first time I posted this and guess what, still no cures. What a shocker!

With all of the research money from grants and charity events, the brilliant minds in the world and the horsepower of today’s computers, why have we not found any cures for the ails of the world?

The answer is pretty simple and easy to see if you feel like looking and questioning what you are told by those “in charge”.

There is NO MONEY in a cure, only in prolonging illness with “better” treatment methods and medications.

Those sick continue to live longer and longer, with more procedures, hospitalization and pharmaceuticals. There is plenty of money to be made through keeping you alive, but nothing to be made if you are cured.

Protected by our government, big corporations lobby and control those cures that have already been found and swept under the rug.

Think about it! If cancer is cured, how much money is lost? If HIV is cured, how much money is lost? If a permanent cavity prevention material were made available, how much money is lost?

It’s sickening to think of how many people are diagnosed with some new illness each day, only to be treated for years and years with no “cure”. All because cures are like dams in the flow of money from the bottom of the population to the top of the corporate ladder.

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2 thoughts on “No cure from the wicked

  1. Hi Ben, I just emailed PJ this as well. I live with type 1 diabetes so this hits home to me. There is a money in a cure! We just have to play the game.

    My idea would be to pool money together, watch it grow, and challenge doctors or companies out there to find the cure. So instead of donating money to the cancer and diabetes groups, we would just donate money to the pool of money, watch it grow to a point where some group of doctors will eventually take the chance to ‘win the prize’. And best part about this all, its entrepenuiral. The doctors have to fund this all by themselves. no tapping into the funds until the cure is found.

  2. Very well written and I appreciate your courage to discuss the truth. I look forward to future posts.

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