Get with the times NY, budget help from a geek.

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I can’t vote, but I can use my brain combined with technology and common sense.

Turn on the news and you can hear all about budget crisis, no money for schools, need for increased taxes, less social benefits, etc…

NY Speeding Cameras (all 12)

As you may know, one of the product categories on is IP Cameras. If used at all, these fancy devices could add a lot of money to the coffers in NY State.

Thanks to some internet resources like the NY State Troopers annual report, I was able to do come quick math to make a suggestion. I’d love to hear why it hasn’t happened yet.

Note: The average speeding ticket in NY is $150.

In 2009, Troop T, the state troopers that patrol the I-90 wrote 85,672 tickets. I’m taking a guess here, but while they were writing those tickets, they missed 5 more speeders driving past them. I’m also guessing that they were not waiting to stop speeders 100% of the time they were on the clock. So let’s do the simple math of $85,672 times $150 and we get $12,850,800, not too shabby.

Now let’s say we put up speeding cameras to snap photos and automatically send the tickets to the speeder’s house. A novel idea, I know.

We could receive some non-cash benefits first. Less accidents or deaths related to rubberneckers and we could then deploy the police to stop more violent crimes.

Financially, big gains for the state which theoretically could be used wisely to close the budget gap, pay police more, increase educational budgets and support greater social services.

How much? For those without a calculator, let’s go very conservative and say we caught just the 5 extra speeders that were missed while our officer was manually writing a ticket.

Five speeders, times 85,672 (manual tickets), times $150 (average ticket)… wait for it… $64,254,000.

If you added in all of the rest of the state troopers in NY and their coverage areas, this number would double or triple and even that is ultra-conservative.

Go even further and add in red-light cameras, wow.

I’d venture, with some use of technology and legislative support, automating traffic tickets alone would wipe out 25%-50% of our current $2 billion deficit.

I won’t harp on any of the sensitive issues, there is no need to when simple solutions are right in front of you.

Stop arguing and do something. Make a decision, even if it means you won’t be popular enough to be re-elected – know that you did the right thing for the people.

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One thought on “Get with the times NY, budget help from a geek.

  1. Ben,

    This type of system is already being used effectively in South Korea. In fact, the Koreans have even gone a step further by also adding GPS tracking in the car that would emit a warning sound if you were driving above the speed limit on a given road.

    Great read. Thanks!

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