When shoeboxes fly

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This morning I awoke with a vision of a floating box, self-guided and powered by a micro-propulsion engine. Weird for sure, but it was worth writing down and exploring.

The end result…

EVERYTHING changes when this box shows its face!

The world will change forever and can happen anytime, when this micro propulsion system is finally unveiled.

When someone and their big brain combines magnetism, steam, electricity and solar power to create a tiny power plant capable of making a shoebox (or any sized container for that matter) float and move.

When this shoebox is given its own brain that can use cellular technology, gps, sonar and other guidance systems.

Envision boxes, cartons, barges and containers of anything and everything, traveling the world with complete self-sufficiency, no chance of contact with other vessels and ultimate free delivery to any cross-point of latitude and longitude on the globe.

It ALL changes!

For sure it could be done today. Though I am no physicist or engineer, I’ve no doubt that it is possible if not already completed. What changes then? A few examples…

  • Global delivery companies go away (Fedex, UPS, etc)
  • Entire industries are no longer needed (Trucking, Rail, Shipping)
  • The need for oil is forever gone and thus the wars over oil are moot
  • Automotive and airline manufacturing ceases
  • All of the tax revenue generated by these industries is gone, further crippling governments and economies
  • All of the jobs lost cause global panic plus the lost income tax revenue
  • Economies, cultures and civilization as we know it implodes

But it’s the right thing to do for the world!!

The negative impact is mostly financial in nature and therefore the realization of this depends on a solution to offset the financial loss. Clearly there would be pain, suffering, loss and even death as a result of the financial impact, however… Some of the POSITIVE gains…

  • Elimination of engine emissions from cars, trucks, ships, buses, trains and airplanes
  • Ability to reach and deliver food, medicine, supplies, etc. to anyone in the world at any location
  • Mindset shift to focus on improving rather than maintaining dependence
  • Comprehension of LESS being more sustainable than MORE and really not that bad anyway

How do we as a global community then live? What happens to the millions now unemployed around the world, many of whom do not know how to do anything else. How can the government continue with limited tax revenue coming in and more dependents to care for?

It’s all very Darwinian even with respect to the current culture and government in developed counties where consumption and increased demand has been a driving force. When (not if) countries and governments have millions less jobs, major industries wiped out, significantly less tax revenue, free and renewable energy, free global delivery reach and no future need for oil it becomes a survival of the fittest era.

Sitting in Europe, surrounded by medieval castles, history and experiences makes me think that such a chaotic event would force a reverse into a similar mindset.

This IS going to happen and isn’t a WHAT IF, it is only a matter of time. When that first shoebox floats, where will you be, what will you be capable of and how prepared will you be? The long term end result is a possible saving grace for mankind, the short-term affects are astounding and painful. We were fortunate enough to have been given a glimpse of this in 2008/2009, yet the result wasn’t sufficient due to weak hands up top, we are seeing the continuation of that now.

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One thought on “When shoeboxes fly

  1. I like it and I want one!

    Mine needs to be large enough to sit two comfortably. I’d like the optional sport package, manual override with collision warning systems of course, inflight food replicator, and global LTE communications/entertainment suite.

    Maybe all my options are not possible today but with great new innovative technologies come great new opportunities to expand upon it and compliment it.

    Progress is the right thing to do and don’t worry, the FedEx’s of the world will adapt. When your shoebox absolutely has to be there overnight… Scratch that. We’re delivering medicine that will save lives, so let’s go with, “when your shoebox absolutely has to be there in an hour”.

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