Free iPad for the best Entrepreneurial Idea/Plan

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Win a Free iPad by using your brainYes, seriously, a free iPad for the best Entrepreneurial idea/plan! The 3G one too, not just WiFi.

There are conditions of course, it’s a contest and not a sweepstakes. The prize is a 3G iPad with 18 months of service and any business assistance I can give (within reason). If I get a good response I’ll make sure it shows up for the holidays! Who knows, if I get more than one awesome idea, there may well be more than one prize – it’s happened before.

In working with the kids and staff on starting, building and running a business, I was thinking that it would be really cool to see how many ideas we could all come up with. I spend a lot of time kicking ideas around and have found my iPad pretty useful for doing so with the various applications for project management, financial calculations, flow charting, drawings and collaboration. I have to imagine the same is true of similar minds. If you don’t participate then you lose and I’ll win my own iPad 🙂 or just save the money.

What I wanted to find out is, what are the best ideas for businesses that are conceptualized, planned, started, built and run with no other in-house technology besides iPads. This does NOT exclude cloud computing for various purposes, but the business and its offices have no other technology at the desktop besides the iPad. No desktops, no servers, no Ethernet, no fax machines or phones, copiers, printers or anything along the same lines.

Ideas are great but don’t go anywhere without a plan. The best idea wins yet must come with a plan to succeed and ideally the drive to carry forward with the idea. I’d love to help make it happen for someone who really gets it and may just need some encouragement and help.

Privacy notice: You have my word that your ideas are safe and won’t be shared nor would I run with them unless you were at the helm. I can offer a lot of assistance to the right person with the right idea. Since you probably don’t know me nor my word, feel free to ask around, I’m sure you’ll find it as you should.

If you know someone with the moxy and the need for a iPad, send them here for me please. Thanks.

You can post your response, send it through the contact page or email me directly (probably best). My email here is me@ my domain. Call me if you want, but you still have to submit it in writing.

Thanks for playing along!

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