Progress and Morale

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Progress and Morale, Morale and Progress…

Keys to success for sure, one helps the other and creates a positive spiral.

It’s been a bit since I posted anything here and thought this would be a good topic to rekindle with. With 2008 being a trying year in the business world (and elsewhere) and 2009 not highlighting too many significant improvements or substantial leaps at recovery, giving up seems to have been a rational choice in many people’s minds.

I didn’t (we didn’t) give up despite our circumstances and by focusing on Progress and Morale we have not only endured but improved on the inside and out. Our business is stronger, more stable, more efficient and better suited to serve our customers than ever before. This happened because we kept our heads high and crossed tasks off the list each day.

It’s pretty easy to get down on yourself when times are tough and as a result progress can halt and morale can fall through the floor. Giving up or jumping ship is just not an option in my book. Even in tough times, a lot of effort is put forth in making sure my teams are looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and working on tasks (even tiny ones) that demonstrate forward motion and progress towards improvement.

Motivated and rewarded people generate a positive atmosphere where there is genuine understanding and willingness to work hard for the sake of progress. At the end of the day, there is little better than reflecting on progress (any) as a reward and as a motivating force when the alarm clock goes off the next day.

Tomorrow I am going to make progress towards my goals and when I’m done I will reflect on them, know that I was successful and prepare to repeat the process.

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