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The executives and managers at VoIP Supply all have and advertise an open door policy to our employees. Remarkably many staff do not take advantage of this opportunity, even though it is encouraged and the outcome is nearly always better than expected.

Regardless of the reason for making the initial visit, the outcome and direction of the conversation generally goes somewhere completely different, with greater-than-expected results. Typical open door uses are when there is an issue or opportunity outside of the authorization level for the individual employee to approve. Certainly an excellent reason to walk in and engage your manager, but managers and directors should seize that opportunity to address that issue and pry into more detail with that specific employee.

Rather than extinguish the fire, dive in and find out more details so you can address it at that time, and prevent it from reoccurring in the future for that employee or customer or others.

With the rapid pace of growth and change within our organization, it is easy to lose touch with the philosophy and overall direction of the company. It is also simple enough to change old habits or intra- department myths and beliefs. It is just as easy to uncover when someone, who has been using their best judgment to address a process or problem in a particular manner, is not using an ideal or practical approach for the best interests of the customer and the company.

With as many rules, processes, and procedures as we and most companies have, it requires interaction with your employees to review the best practices, while working with them to improve their environment and efficiency. This is also done while working towards the common goal of providing the best possible customer experience.

Everyone is busy these days, myself included, but that does not mean that it makes sense to ignore the time needed by my staff, or that my needs are more important than theirs. Taking time to hear staff concerns and to ask questions about their day, their needs, and their wish lists always opens the door to improving the customer experience, company efficiency and workplace attitude.

In that respect, I highly encourage my staff to take time from their day as often as possible and come to see me, talk about something, and dig into ways to improve. I also encourage my management staff to adopt the same attitude when it comes to what many could consider an interruption to their day or a staff member not doing what they should be.

Speak up.

Re-posted from the VoIP Insiders (4/28/2008)

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