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It’s pronounced ‘eeks-geeks’ and no, I’ve never met one!


Ok, I lied, I’ve actually met quite a lot of them, employ a bunch of them and might even be one myself. The Eeks comes from IAX (The Inter-Asterisk Exchange) and we know where the Geeks come from. This little blurb ties in with a Contest Post on VoIPSupply.com introducing the new Citel C4110 IAX2 compatible phone. There has not been a quality IAX phone since it’s introduction (oddly enough) and the GIAX have been asking for one for a long time. For those that follow VoIP, this is a nice addition to the available end-points and to top it off, it is a high quality and good looking phone at a great price. The contest might be over and the shirts all gone, but the phone is here and has been flying off of our shelves!

Citel C4110
Citel C4110

Citel C4110 IP Phone

The Citel C4110 VoIP Phone features support for up to 2 lines, and a range of standard features like conference calling, call transfer (blind or consultative), Call hold, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and CallerID. The Citel C4110 also features DND (Do No Disturb), Number Note Pade, Paging with Auto-Answer, 500-Entry Phone book and Configurable Dial Plan.

Citel C4110 IAX2 IP Phone

The Citel C4110 can easily be configured via a web browser, and also supports convenience auto-provisioning via TFTP server. The C4110 features 8 distinctive ring tones, volume and ringer level control and voicemail retreival via keypad or programmable keys. With an integrated 2 port 10/100 MBPs switch, 802.3af Power Over Ethernete, RJ9 headset jack and VLAN/DHCP support, the Citel C4110 is both versatile and feature-rich. The Citel C4110 supports G.711, G.729 and G.723.1 codecs. DTMF tone generation, acoustic echo cancellation and a built-in audio mixer are also featured.

Citel C4110 IAX2 IP Phone Features:

  • 2 Line/Call Appearances with LED
  • Web Based Configuration and Auto-Provisioning via TFTP
  • Dual Ethernet, POE, SIP and IAX2 Compatible!

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